We help you get ready for a sustainable future

We offer effective training programs that give leaders and employees the competencies to work with climate action and climate accounting. Competencies that empower you to meet current and future demands in a way that stimulates business.

With a climate course, competencies are built and put in perspective to other competencies, so that goal achievement and development of a climate focused culture is supported.
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Introduction to Climate Leadership (executive briefing)

A concentrated overview targeted at C-level management as well as non-executive directors.

Participants gain knowledge of the scientific, political, and commercial imperatives for working with climate action and climate accounting.
And get introduced to the principles and structure of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol..

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  • Strategic climate leadership
  • Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Top management’s role in the process
  • Business implementation
DKK 2.800,-
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Introduction to
Climate Accounting

A program that provides participants with competencies to identify, calculate and process emission data in the enterprise and the entire value chain.
The program is targeted at employees, whose input to management serves as the basis for communication, strategic decision making and business development.

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  • Introduction Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Scope 1, 2, 3 of climate accounting
  • Data collection
  • Methods for climate accounting
DKK 2.800,-
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Climate Action and Climate Accounting

A program that enables participants to structure, launch, lead, and communicate climate action and climate accounting.

A comprehensive course for heads of functions, project managers and other team members with practical and operational responsibilities in the climate area.

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3 x 2,5 hours LEARNING OUTCOME
  • Climate concepts and agreements
  • Understand Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Methods for climate accounting
  • Scope 1, 2, 3 in climate accounting
DKK 6.800,-
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Individually customised

Bespoke training programs

Tailormade programs where the curricula from all our programs are mixed, matched and tailored to the needs of a specific organization.

Training can take place both online, in physical formats, and in blended formats. As an addition to this, we offer recorded sessions to be used on an on-demand basis, if this suits the needs of the individual company.

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  • Targeted aquired competencies
  • Joint starting point for leaders and employess
  • Climate focused work culture
  • Individually designed programs

”We strive for full transparency in the climate area, and we aim to
contribute positively to climate action in all of our value chains. We
were already off to a good start, but the training program has help
sharpen our competences in areas such as accounting principles,
reporting and the three scopes of emissions.”

Amanda Mikkelsen, Controller and CSR Manager, Asetek