Developed by experts

The knowledge base behind our training program consists of decade-long consulting and teaching experience. Our key people have served as CSR-advisors to all types of companies across industries. In addition to this, we have teamed up with a number of competent partners, who contributes to our program content.

Thue Birk Svenningsen

Senior Advisor & Founder

Thue Birk Svenningsen holds a MsC in Communication and Economics and has 13 years of experience in the CSR-field. Thue specializes in strategy consulting, reporting, policy development, employee engagement and international initiatives.

+45 28 12 24 22


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Director, ESG & Sustainability Services

Nina Eskild Kvindal


Nina Eskild Kvindal holds an MA in Media Studies and has 10 years of experience working at the intersection between communication, marketing and strategy.

+45 21 81 92 49


Katrine Svenningsen


Katrine Svenningsen holds an MsC and has throughout her career focused on complex analysis, IT and data processing.

+45 61 67 61 58


Magnus Kristian Gregersen


Magnus Kristian Gregersen holds a PhD in Business Communication and has several years of experience as consultant and teacher within sustainability, communication, and strategy.

+45 40 97 16 26


Jacob Bagai

Senior Communications Advisor

+45 28 58 48 35


Simon Hillbrandt Jacobsen

Communications Advisor

+45 61 28 65 87


”In our company, climate action is not just a soft value, but a prerequisite for our social responsibility and our ability to compete in the market place. From the program, we gaining a much stronger grasp of the tools needed to develop our efforts. Apart from the high quality of the curriculum as such, we were very happy about becoming part of a larger community with peers across industries.”

Louise Schouv Petersen, Project Manager, Polar Seafood