Developed by experts

The knowledge base behind our training program consists of decade-long consulting and teaching experience. Our key people have served as CSR-advisors to all types of companies across industries. In addition to this, we have teamed up with a number of competent partners, who contributes to our program content.

Thue Birk Svenningsen

Senior Advisor & Founder

Thue Birk Svenningsen holds a MsC in Communication and Economics and has 13 years of experience in the CSR-field. Thue specializes in strategy consulting, reporting, policy development, employee engagement and international initiatives.

+45 28 12 24 22


Torben Vartenberg

Senior Advisor

Torben Vartenberg has 25 years of experience with developing and executing training programs. In addition to this, Torben has served as a CSR-advisor to companies in both the private and the public sector.

+45 20 10 49 00


Ole Madsen

Senior Advisor

From 2006-20, Ole Madsen has held director positions within e.g. strategy, business development and digital innovation in Spar Nord and Formuepleje. As an investor and board member, Ole has been involved in more than 10 Danish tech start-ups.

+45 31 33 05 65


Nina Eskild Kvindal

Advisor & Communication

Nina Eskild Kvindal holds an MA in Media Studies and has 10 years of experience working at the intersection between communication, marketing and strategy.

+45 21 81 92 49


Katrine Svenningsen


Katrine Svenningsen holds an MsC and has throughout her career focused on complex analysis, IT and data processing.

+45 61 67 61 58


”In our company, climate action is not just a soft value, but a prerequisite for our social responsibility and our ability to compete in the market place. From the program, we gaining a much stronger grasp of the tools needed to develop our efforts. Apart from the high quality of the curriculum as such, we were very happy about becoming part of a larger community with peers across industries.”

Louise Schouv Petersen, Project Manager, Polar Seafood